Today Cotton cultivated over 2.5m hectares


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Today Cotton cultivated over 2.5m hectares

To meet the industrial and commercial needs of the local sector as well as for export, the country has sown cotton on over 2.588 million hectares as opposed to the 2.767 million hectares that were targeted. According to Dr. Zahid, Cotton Commissioner for the Ministry of National Food Security and Research, the farming community throughout the crop-producing areas had finished crop cultivation over 93.53 percent of the total area fixed for the season by the first week of the current month (June), resulting in an output of 12.77 million bales. 

In a statement he provided to the APP on Wednesday, he stated that “Crop sowing in Punjab has been completed over 95.11 percent area over 1.920 million hectares against the set target.” of 2.019 million hectares to generate around 8.336 million bales this season. Sindh has accomplished more than 84.49 percent of its assigned targets and planted more than 0.5678 million hectares of crops when compared to the established crop sowing targets of 0.672 million hectares. The target cotton production for the province is 4,000,000 bales. Cotton seeding increased throughout the season as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Balochistan provinces both reached their cultivation targets by 113 percent and 132.24 percent, respectively.

According to him, the incentives put in place by the current administration to boost crop output in the nation were primarily responsible for the increase in crop sowing in the two provinces. Dr. Zahid stated, “In KP, the cotton crop has grown over 0.0026 million hectares compared to the stipulated targets of 0.0023 million hectares. He stated that the province’s agricultural output was set at 0.004 million bales, whereas 0.0809 million hectares of Balochistan were used to grow cotton, yielding roughly 0.430 million bales during the time period under consideration. 

The cotton commissioner also stated that the current administration had implemented many initiatives to support regional growers and was taking the necessary steps to restart cotton production. He said that the cotton (Phutti) intervention price (CIP) had been set by the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet at Rs 8,500 per 40kg in order to boost cotton production, stabilise the domestic market, and ensure a just return for farmers in the nation.


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