PSX gains 314 points Today


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PSX gains 314 points Today

The Pakistan Stock Exchange’s (PSX) 100-index rose 314.95 points on Monday, or 0.76 percent, to close at 41,667.94 points as opposed to 41,352.99 points the day before. The total number of shares exchanged throughout the day was 145,177,892 as opposed to 99,545,856 the day before. The price of shares was Rs. 4,682 billion as opposed to Rs. 3.336 billion the previous trading day. A total of 321 firms traded shares on the stock market; 183 of them saw gains, 107 suffered losses, and 31 saw their share prices remain steady.

WorldCall Telecom, with 16,777,021 shares trading at Rs. 1.16 per share, Sui North Gas, with 9,750,118 shares trading at Rs. 43.38 per share, and Pak Petroleum, with 9,434,106 shares dealing at Rs. 61.57 per share, were the top three trading businesses. Colgate Palm came in second with a per-share price increase of Rs. 28.87 to Rs. 1,528.87, while Mari Petroleum saw a maximum increase of Rs. 31.25, finishing at Rs. 1,554.17.

Following Bata (Pak), which saw the highest fall of Rs. 63.50 per share to close at Rs. 1,630.50, was Nestle Pakistan, which saw a decline of Rs. 50.02 to close at Rs. 6,489.98.


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