Dolphin Police Officer Shot Dead by PUBG Addict in Lahore today


Dolphin Police Officer Shot Dead by PUBG Addict in Lahore

Dolphin Police Officer Shot Dead by PUBG Addict 

A man who was apparently influenced by the famous online game PUBG shot and murdered a young police officer from the Dolphin Police and gravely injured another in a tragic event at the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Y Block in Lahore.

Hafiz Nauman, the officer who went tragically, had been married for one year. The armed assailant shot Nauman in the chest from a close range of two feet, according to the preliminary inquiry.

Nauman and his companion were attempting to capture the shooter in a crowded commercial area when the incident occurred. Sadly, one of the shots struck Nauman in the lungs, killing him. Constable Mohsin was shot by the attacker as well, suffering critical injuries to his knee and chest.

Later, police discovered the shooter in Patoki, who went by the names Asif and Asu. In an encounter with the police, Asu’s companions killed him. An official disclosed that Asu had developed a PUBG gaming addiction and was inspired by the violent content of the game. The fact that the game has previously been linked to violent crimes was also addressed by him.

In a comparable event that happened in Kahna last year, a 14-year-old PUBG fan shot his mother and two younger sisters, as well as the rest of his family.

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